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TV Ate My Novel

4 October, 2011

I did pretty well for the first two days of October, and then yesterday brought a bit of a shock at work (separate from the boss situation of the previous post) that means I’ve spent the last two days sort of haphazardly jumping from one task to the next without many spare moments or much excess brain power. It should be settling into at least a constant level of chaos within the next few days, but for now it means staying present in real life is taking precedence over putting my head into my stories.

It hasn’t stopped me from catching up on my TV, of course, because I can give TV less than 100% of my attention and still feel that I’m doing a decent job of watching it. Some drive-by thoughts on what I’ve seen recently:

New Girl: I tend to hate ‘funny’ movies and shows. Any moderately popular comedy film, sitcom, or comedic actor from the past decade? I probably hate her/him/it. Also, CRAZY embarrassment squick. Somehow I love this show! I occasionally have to watch with my hands over my eyes or ears but it’s worth it.

Terra Nova: I’m a little biased because from the earliest commercials this reminded me of LOST, a show I thought was stupid beyond belief. Somehow TN has the feel of a low-budget 80s special effects movie even though I know the production quality is quite high. Seriously? Crazy dinosaur birds are chasing us down in a futuristic past parallel universe? They should just show reruns of Phil of the Future, which was awesome.

NCIS and Criminal Minds: Still solid. Still weird to remind myself these are new episodes since, in both cases, I came into the shows when they were well-established and caught up through out-of-order reruns. I like Reid’s hair this season.

Fringe: LOVE LOVE LOVE. I love everything about it. I want to have a daughter so I can name her Olivia, and another daughter so I can name her Fauxlivia (note to future children: at least you are not a twin boy and girl, or else you would be named Luke and Leia). I want Fringe to be on every night. I want to write characters as awesome as Olivia and Peter and Walter and everyone else on this show.

House: I actually thought the season opener was entertaining, but it’s going to take a lot for me to stick with this show through another season. I feel like I’m staying with it out of loyalty, but in that case I should just get out my early season DVDs and watch an episode of those every time there’s a new one on TV.

Glee: Still fun. Still makes me laugh. Not loving as many songs this year — I want more group numbers!!! — but great characters keep me coming back. Brittany is my favorite, except when Emma is my favorite.

I’m going to stop right there because this is actually getting depressing since I haven’t gotten to Project Runway, Top Chef: Just Desserts, Castle, CSI, and I’m sure other shows that are on our DVR. I’m going to need to make a tough decision about TV time unless I can figure out that whole time-turner thing…


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  1. Fringe, House, and Grey’s Anatomy are the shows that my wife & I are addicted to. Our DVR is filled with other shows but those are the ones that are watched shortly after they’re recorded!

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