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Conversations Had Whilst Novelling

8 November, 2010

(over gchat, I am suggesting dragon names.)

Elizabeth: Hermes
Elizabeth: Apple-Biscuit
Penelope: can you imagine a poor baby dragon named apple-biscuit copperwing?
Elizabeth: Yes.
Elizabeth: In my imagination it is very cute.

(at the dentist’s office, I am being fitted for a bite split)

Dr. J: Trust me, this is going to make your life a lot better.
Elizabeth: Well, on the bright side, if my skeleton is found somewhere, they’ll be able to identify me from my recent dental impressions.

(at staff meeting)

Woman on training video: The only way to make something in the public domain is to put a statement on your website saying that anyone can use it.
Elizabeth: Is this video from before Creative Commons?
Coworkers: *completely confused by question*
Elizabeth: *esplains interwebs*

(I’m taking laundry down to the laundry room)

Imaginary Clinton Kelly: That is not an acceptable outfit.
Elizabeth: I’m just taking the laundry out! No one will see me!
ICK: There is no excuse for wearing a sweatshirt, dachshund-print pajama pants, and whatever you’re calling those shoes out your front door.
Elizabeth: I’m writing a novel! And I used the side door!
Imaginary Stacy London: Honey, you shouldn’t even have to look at yourself in the mirror like that.
Elizabeth: Whatever, I don’t need a bra to do laundry.
ISL: *falls over*

(I’m gchatting with my sister while listening to Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me)

Elizabeth: omg I need to find a transcription of this limerick
Baby: that’s what she said

(Baby picked her own nickname. She’s my baby sister. Penelope picked her own nickname, too. She’s my best friend, among other things.)


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One Comment
  1. That IS what she said.

    Apple-Biscuit Copperwing enjoyed a nice nap in a backpack today, and also ate some raw chicken and took a bath in the kitchen sink.

    PS you can wear an old t-shirt, pajama pants, no bra, and no shoes to do laundry every day if you want. Also for anything else you do in your own home, such as cooking, writing, etc.

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