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A Secret Message

2 October, 2010

This week, I discovered that the previous tenants (or someone else, I suppose) left us a SECRET MESSAGE when they departed. They wrote it in magnetic poetry on the bottom of the freezer door. Quite clever, because at first I assumed it was part of one of the magnetic poetry sets I owned. Then I realized it was in Spanish, which meant it couldn’t be mine because I don’t speak any Spanish except for names of food and words associated with Semana Santa (Holy Week). That was an interesting spring break trip, btw.

The message? “lugar.”

Based on my research (i.e. gchatting my sister, host of the aforementioned spring break trip), this means “location” or “place.” It’s a somewhat dadaist sort of message, then: this is the place where this message is. No urinal on the ground, but I like it.

Or perhaps it’s more like “x marks the spot.” Could there be something hidden in our freezer? Could it be the separate freezer temperature control that we had previously decided didn’t exist?

In a novel, that’s what it would be. The beginning of a treasure hunt, a mystery, a serious of funny moments that lead the hero and heroine into each other’s arms. The message was really left by the spirit haunting our linen closet, by our cat (who can secretly read and reach the freezer), by a spirit who has possessed our cat (this one seems quite likely, some days…). Somewhere, a lonely woman is trying to write magnetic poetry and she’s one “lugar” away from brilliance and a HEA. If I peel away the magnetic backing, I’ll find the Declaration of Independence written out a hundred times with lipid dip-pen nanolithography.

In this case, I suspect it actually means that someone wasn’t as fastidious as I am about their magnetic poetry, but that’s why I write novels and not biographies. Not autobiographies, anyway.


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