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25 February, 2010

Today I took some of my characters to the dentist’s office. I had to go anyway, and I needed something to do while the hygienist cleaned my teeth other than think about the horrible scraping sound or the sharp pointy things coming near my eyeballs or having a stranger touch me or the fact that the whole experience is about TEETH, which are just CREEPY, okay? I just DON’T LIKE THINKING ABOUT THEM.

(My dentist is fabulous, by the way. He asked how my novel was going. I said the heroine had just given birth after being in labor for the past two months and he suggested that I name the baby after him.)

So anyway, I was getting my teeth cleaned, which turned out to be pretty much the best part of my day (so you can guess how the rest went), and in order to distract myself I started to wonder how some of my characters would react to visiting the dentist’s office.

Fiona would clearly be fascinated by everything that was going on, and on the lookout for interesting facts and anecdotes she could share with her students. Jason doesn’t mind the dentist experience itself, but as the oldest, he always had to go first during the family visits and that left some lingering bitterness toward the whole institution. Neil has no particular feelings about the dentist one way or the other, and he would be confused if you asked him about it; going to the dentist is just something he does without thinking about it on any deeper level. Abby has an opinion about everything, and what she thinks about visiting the dentist is that it’s annoying and she’d rather be doing something else (preferably something that doesn’t involve sitting still).

I’ve written about 1300 words this week. That’s not fantastic, but it’s better than any other week this month and most of last month. Even if I only write 100 words a day, at least I’ll get to the end someday. And if I remember to take my characters with me more often, maybe I’ll have something more to write each time I sit down at the keyboard.


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