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Beginning as I Mean to Go On

14 February, 2010

As a writer, reader, and human being, I understand the importance of a strong beginning. I feel that one’s first blog entry should make a bold statement and capture one’s essence in delicately crafted prose. Ideally, it should be written while sipping an expensive latte, wearing serious-looking eyeglasses, and thinking ponderous thoughts.

I also believe strongly, though, that one should begin as one means to go on. Therefore, I’m writing this entry while sitting on my bed wearing pajama pants and a hoodie while my best friend Lynn and I freak out over gchat every time someone falls in the women’s slalom, a word that I find difficult to spell. I’m writing an entry that’s not about much of anything other than me putting down words for others to read. This is a more writerly accomplishment than the other two things I remember doing today — seeing a puppet opera and taking a nap — and it’s probably as good as it’s gonna get.

(When I use that last line, I always picture myself as Anne Hathaway in The Princess Diaries. She’s talking to her cat about her hair. I feel a real connection with this moment.)

Anyway, I was inspired to write this post by the wonderful resonant, who was herself inspired by a magazine article that suggested that people who fear change should begin by listing Twenty Tiny Transitions. Change is at the top of my list of fears, along with pregnant people, teeth, Jell-O, and failure. If I can move twenty baby steps toward my goal of changing myself from an aspiring published writer to an actual published writer, at least I’ll be going in the right direction.

Transition #1: Put something in this blog. Ta da!


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